Renewing your membership can be completed in 5 easy steps:

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  • 1.  Login using your user name and password.   If you have forgotten your password select the "Forgot Login" link
  • 2.  Select the "Profile" link to view your account information.  Your Profile is accessible in two areas as illustrated
  • 3.  Select the "Membership tab (#3A) to reveal the "Renew" button (3B)

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  • 4. Select any one of 3 payment options (Credit Card or PayPal,  Recurring Payment,  Offline (Cheque or Cash)    (CREDIT CARD & RECURRING OPTION IS CURRENTY NOT AVAILABLE)

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  • 5A. You can either pay using your credit card or your PayPal account
  • 5B. Recurring payments are processed using PayPal, so you will need a PayPal account to use this option.
    5C. If you opt for the offline option you will see the above page.   Click the confirm link illustrated above and continue as instructed.  This will prompt a pop-up window revealing a summary page.  Please print and include with your payment


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If you see an expired membership message as illustrated, click on the reactivate button (as illustrated) and follow the same prompts noted above. 

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